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As a basis for webshops, WebCatalog can be served in individual parts, but also as a whole. As usual, the customer configures the articles in WebCatalog, receives a price and article variants and can transfer the commercial information to the shopping cart of the shop by clicking on "Add to cart". The advantage: You can give your customers not only a valid data base that is always up-to-date in all areas, but also a detailed 3D model of their goods.

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Your Webshop with 3D configurable OFML®-articles

You own a webshop and maintain all articles manually in the system? WebCatalog offers you an interface to OFML® data and facilitates the integration of the articles.

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Easy integration into existing web shops

Simple e-commerce integration using non-visual interfaces gives you fast integration into your webshop.

High quality 3D graphics

3D graphics - as a rendered image or 3D WebGL graphics! Inspire your customers with configurable 3D graphics.

Configuration options

Your basis is your OFML® data base - Maintain your OFML® data and at the same time your webshop. Thus, duplicated data maintenance and associated error sources are automatically eliminated.

A valid data status - many possibilities

Use your OFML® data base not only for offline planning tools - Your webshop can be supplied with commercial data on this basis without manual data processing.

Your website with 3D graphics

Easy integration

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Increase the quality of your website with the help of 3D content. Whether it is a simple office chair or an animated logo - with WebCatalog you can easily give your website a modern look.

Product news

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You can place new product series with 3D content even better on your website and give the customer a preview of the upcoming innovations.

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Connect your software with WebCatalog!

You want to equip your software with 3D graphics or want to import the article text with prices into your software? With WebCatalog you reach your goals easily by a special interface, specifically programmed for you.

Import of article images

With WebCatalog you can easily and quickly import product images into your software and use them for further processes.

3D graphics import

With the help of WebCatalog, you can now link the articles to a 3D graphic and thus also export them, e.g. for planning tools.

Configuration options

With the help of WebCatalog, ERP systems can be supplied with important commercial information from OFML® data. Whether prices, article numbers or article texts - every component of the OFML® data can be used in your ERP system.

Import interface

Of course, with the help of our experienced programmers, you can integrate the information from the OFML® data into any existing software to expand your existing software. We look back on many years of experience in interface programming.

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